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Humble Permaculture Design

What is Permaculture?
I define it as a design framework to create regenerative, sustainable habitat for all of life- both human and non-human. With minimal human intervention by utilizing Earth's existing systems. In short, it's working with nature.
Why "humble"?

Humility is the counter to the feeling of supremacy we humans have had over nature for the past couple hundred years, and the antidote to thinking we are more intelligent than it than him/her/them.

In our recent past, we have selfishly operated under the assumption that we have a right to endless consumption. A right to conquer and extract. This false sense of superiority is not only wrong, it's detrimental to ourselves and all of life. Our assumed right to consume is being questioned now as we are realizing the repercussions of our impact. Our eyes are being opened to the interconnectedness of nature, the importance of slowing down, asking questions, and listening with reverence to our elder relatives (all of life) as they teach us how to to live in harmony and behave like human beings once again. In order for us humans to return to the role of keystone species on the planet, we must first practice humility and accept that we are not greater than the salmon, the beaver, or the trees- in fact, they have much to teach us.

What technology do you use?

The answer is: it depends! But I aim to use appropriate technology. In some cases that may mean a greenhouse with a fully automated, remotely-monitored irrigation system with rain sensor, cameras, and multiple different irrigation zones. In other cases, that may mean good ol' sunlight and rain.

Some technology that I regularly recommend:

  • Rain water catchment
  • Solar panel and battery
  • Pond
  • Swale
  • Raised beds with cloches
  • Movable electric fencing